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includes a precision 2-pan balance — a $17.00 value!

Math Magic Blocks help children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as they learn the most important lesson: Math is fun!

Testing the precision-weighted plastic blocks on the easily assembled 2-pan balance, students additionally acquire an introductory understanding of equations, inequalities, the algebraic concept of the unknown, etc., as they develop confidence ("I can do math.") and enthusiasm ("I like math!").

What Teachers and Parents Say

"I used the Math Magic Blocks in my 3rd grade class many times throughout the year to explore and reinforce concepts such as operations, measurement, and problem solving. My students enjoyed working with the Math Magic Blocks and even the children who tend to shy away from math tasks were intrigued by the blocks. The Math Magic Blocks were not only simple to manipulate, but also intriguing so that my students were motivated to think critically and work creatively. From a teacher’s perspective, the Math Magic Blocks were a wonderful tool to energize my teaching and engage, excite, and challenge my students."

Krista Tsutsui, 3rd grade teacher

"I brought home Math Magic Blocks for my 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son and let them create their own conclusions. Without any explanation of how the blocks worked or what to do with them, they spent hours working with the blocks in ways I could not have thought of. Since receiving them over six months ago, we still have not put them away. Math Magic Blocks are part of the children’s activities that continue to evolve in learning as they do. I recommend Math Magic Blocks for any parent who is focused on their children’s learning and education."

David Powers, parent of 3

Only $69.97

includes a precision 2-pan balance — a $17.00 value!

  • Changes kids' "mathitudes" from "have to" to "get to."
  • Builds a solid foundation in arithmetic, the sin qua non for later success.
  • Works well for small independent groups and for teacher-led lessons.
  • Challenging in different ways for kindergarten through high school.